9th MEGSA Annual Research Symposium

Riverside, Ca –

MEGSA is proud to officially announce the 9th Annual ME Symposium, that will be held on May 25th, 2018 at UC Riverside.

The symposium is a space to showcase your work in a supportive environment, and where we can learn about the research efforts ongoing at our department and at other universities outside our institution.

The symposium offers to ME graduate students the possibility to showcase their research efforts and works, and is a valuable experience to practice your communication and presentation skills. We invite students to participate with:

 Presentations (20min talk)                                                              (Register here)

 Posters                                                                                                 (Register here)

Presentations will be categorized into three topics that reflect the main research focuses of our department: (a) Fluids & Heat Transfer, (b) Materials, and (c) Control Systems.

The best presentation in each session will be awarded an official institutional “Outstanding Presentation Award” and will be granted a (cash) travel award. The travel award can be used by the student towards the participation to conferences and/or research-related activities. For more information about the award please visit the Symposium website.

We offer entire support for posters printing. You can request your poster to be printed before the date of the Symposium, and use the poster at other events preceding the symposium. The best poster will be awarded an official institutional “Best Poster Presentation Award”.

Please register for a talk or a poster presentation through the links above, or register as a general attendee at this link (here). Continental breakfast and lunch are provided for those who register.

The deadline to apply for presentations, poster, and to register is May 1st.

More information about the symposium can be found on the Symposium website. 

Hope to see you all at the Symposium!